Standing Committees

The Christian Education Committee shall oversee, plan and implement educational programs for catechetical formation and education of children, youth, and adults in the faith and love of the church for the sake of ongoing learning, service, and witness to the gospel in the world. For more information about the Christian Ed Committee, contact or view the Christian Education Committee Charter.

The Budget and Finance Committee shall provide oversight for the fiscal well-being of this congregation and manage its finances  for the support of its ministry and missions. For more information about the Budget and Finance Committee, contact Martha Nelson at or view the Budget and Finance Committee Charter.

The Investment Management Committee shall manage all endowments and trusts and invest funds on behalf of the congregation for the sake of its fiscal well-being, resources, and authorized programs in service to the mission of the gospel. For more information about the Budget and Finance Committee, contact chair, Loni Buck or view the Investment Management Committee Charter.

The Property Committee shall exercise stewardship of the care, maintenance, and preservation of the well-being of the physical property of the congregation so that it may facilitate and be a resource for the execution of the congregation's mission. For more information regarding the Property Committee contact Bill Chantelau at or view the Property Committe Charter.

The Social and Global Ministry Committee shall hold before the congregation social issues and policies of church, community, state, nation, and world, directing financial, volunteer and emergency support for organization and agencies addressing issues of human welfare, peace, and justice.  For more information about the Social and Global Ministry Committee contact Kathy Gelner at or view the Social and Global Ministry Committee Charter.

The Stewardship Committee shall promote the building-up of the church through the active involvement of the members of the congregation in the life of the church and its functions, putting their time, talents, and treasure to work as signs of their fidelity and loyalty to the cause of the mission of the gospel. For more information about the Stewardship Committee contact chair, Roger Nelson at or view the Stewardship Committee Charter.

The Witness Committee shall organize, promote, enable, and embody the church’s testimony to the gospel as an invitation of glad tidings to the world and this congregation for the love of the world and building-up of the body of Christ pursuant to its divine commission. For more information about this committee view the Witness Committee Charter.

The Worship and Music Committee shall assist in the administration and implementation of the worship life of the congregation, and be an advisory and consultative body to the pastor and cantor in planning worship, musical programs, and training of worship assistants. For more information about the Worship and Music Committee contact Jim Wright view the Worship and Music Committee Charter.

The Fellowship Committee shall provide hospitality and opportunities for congregational fellowship and its sustenance amidst the mission, life, and service of its members and guests. For more information regarding the Fellowship Committee contact chair, Kay Gray at 334-4412 or view the Fellowship Committee Charter.

The Gifts and Memorials Committee shall record and report gifts and memorials to the Gifts and Memorials Fund in accordance with congregational guidelines and needs, and render counsel as to their disposition. For more information abou the Gifts and Memorials Committee contact chair, Jean Ask at  or view the Gifts and Memorials Committee Charter.

The Personnel Committee shall exercise oversight of the hiring, review, and dismissal of all ccongregational employees and be advocates and stewards of care for their well-being. and equitable compensation. For more information about the Personnel Committee contact Eric Crump at or view the Personnel Committee Charter.

The Safe Kids Committee shall be responsible for coordinating and overseeing all aspects of the Safe Kids Policy, advising the pastor and the Congregation Council in child protection matters. For more information about the Safe Kids Committee contact Mary Bennett at or view the Safe Kids Committee Charter.