WATCH A FREE LIVE STREAM of Dave Ramsey’s Smart Money Event
Over the last 25 years, millions of lives have been changed through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. This November, Dave will be live streaming his Smart Money event to churches and Financial Peace University classes across the country. We are excited to announce that we will be a host site for this event. The best part? It’s absolutely free for you to attend!

Dave and Rachel Cruze will take the stage on November 7 in Phoenix, and we will stream the event in real time. We’d love for you to join us and learn the steps you and your family can take to live like no one else. Sign up today on the bridge to be a part of this amazing event. We look forward to seeing you in November!

DATE: November 7, 2017
TIME:  8 PM to 11 PM
PLACE: Social Hall, Christ Lutheran Church, Gettysburg, PA

NEW YEAR IN OCTOBER!  This year we have a unique opportunity to set a new GOAL for our ministries.  The New Year goal(s) often examines the side of our personalities that might relate to more exercise and less TV time or less calorie intake. 

God’s grace and love are the foundations of our lives.  God renews, reforms, and gives us faith, hope, and love.  The ministry Christ Lutheran Church offers expresses our thankfulness and appreciation for all God has done for us.  Growth in our capacity to provide additional ministries and to enhance current ministries is important in the life of our congregation.  As members of our church body, we want to see tangible evidence of that growth.  Growth in ministries comes with deepening our faith and spiritual life as well as our commitment to growing in our patterns of giving our treasures, time and talent.

At Christ Lutheran Church, we ask you to engage in the spiritual exercise of examining your life of faith, discipleship, stewardship, and your giving history with Christ Lutheran Church. Then setting a GOAL for 2018 that represents a prayerful increase in your commitment to the current and new ministries we share in common as people committed to growth. 

Christ Lutheran Church is at a cross road in our history. We are challenged to grow in our service to the community and around the world.  We can only grow with your spiritual commitment to Christ Lutheran Church and to giving on a regular basis.  A spiritual commitment that is evidenced as a monetary gift to our mission.

Thank you for your commitment to Christ Lutheran Church and its ministries.  Please prayerfully think about your goal and how your goal can help move Christ Lutheran’s ministry forward. 

Please turn in this 2018 GOAL response form to Christ Lutheran Church at any time or place in the offering plate or in the box on the bridge.

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