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Commitment to Christ Lutheran Church’s Ministries

Living a life of meaning and purpose, God’s meaning and purpose: that’s Stewardship.  Stewardship can be delight-driven, not merely duty-bound.  Stewardship is the way that God works in and through us to complete God's ministries in Gettysburg, as well as in both our national and international communities.

With our gifts and offerings, the Christ Lutheran Church congregation is able to advance a plethora of positive social ministries, outreach efforts, and spiritual activities.  In many ways, stewardship is an expression of the God's Work, Our Hands program.

Commitment means being part of a philosophy of SHARE-SAVE-SPEND.  As stewards of God’s gifts, the SHARE part comes first in the decision process.  What will we SHARE with Christ Lutheran Church on a regular basis in 2020?  Are we able to intentionally set aside each month a percentage of God’s gifts to SHARE?  Are we able to SHARE 10% (a tithe) of God’s gifts to us with Christ Lutheran Church? Pledging to our church is committing to setting aside a percentage (working toward a tithe) of our gifts for God’s work through the church’s ministries.

As we enter the month of October, the Stewardship Committee invites you, as a member of Christ Lutheran Church, to pray for guidance on what you can pledge to strengthen and grow the ministries of Christ Lutheran Church.  A pledge form can be found below. *

Generosity is an attitude.  Giving is an act. 

* At this time, you are asked to make a pledge to help Christ Lutheran Church plan for its ministries in 2016.  The church understands that you have made the pledge in hopes that nothing changes over the year and recognizes that circumstances may arise that make it impossible to honor your pledge at some time during the year.  Please use this pledge form and place in the box on the bridge or send to the church office.